The Global Rise of Platform Firms

in Urban Mobility Markets

Time: Friday, Nov 20: 12:00-1:00pm    Zoom link


Jason Jackson

Ford Career Development Assistant Professor of Political Economy

This talk will focus on the global emergence of digitally-enabled ridehailing platform firms in urban mobility markets. Ridehailing firms such as Uber, and their global counterparts such as Bolt, Grab, Ola, Taxify and 99 exemplify the rise of the ‘gig economy’ through the use of digital technologies to reorganize work processes and reorder markets. Observers have highlighted the range of implications of on-demand work from productivity to precarity. Yet most research has focused on industrialized country while markets in the Global South remain neglected. In developing countries, high levels of unemployment and underemployment are the labor market norm and informality is pervasive. What are the implications for ‘Uberization’ in the South? This talk explores this variation in effects and outcomes on markets and workers by contrasting the effects of the rise of ridehailing firms in industrialized country cities such as Boston and New York with those in developing country contexts such as Bangkok, Dar es Salaam and Sao Paulo.

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